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Universal’s proprietary AccuLinc, a supply chain execution system, is fully customizable, web-based, open-API software suite that is the foundation of our material flow management and valueadded logistics programs. The AccuLincplatform provides business intelligence through immediate access to inventory, shipments and costs. You gain total oversight to your entire network with Universal.  

Control Inventory, Material Flow & Visibility

  • AccuLinc allows clients to dynamically define and specify complex workflows, velocity picking operations, multi-facility inventory control and tracking operations.
  • Every pick, move and put-away is serialized to a location and tagged to a user, providing total inventory visibility for operations of any size.

Real-Time Scanning & Validation

  • AccuLinc supports wireless device integration, RF-directed processing, product labeling and real-time barcode scanning for ease-of-use, efficiency and a high-level of accuracy.
  • All items picked and moved are updated in real-time, allowing simultaneous processing of pic-orders or sequencing batches without conflicts or duplicated quantities.

User-Defined Dashboards & Reporting

  • AccuLinc dashboards are user defined and configured with “tiles” that display key information important to each user. Quick links allow the user to drill-down directly to the detail information summarized within the tile.
  • AccuLinc provides a full suite of visual reports that enable management to view key metrics and performance indicators at a glance.

Rapid Integration & Implementation

  • AccuLinc can act as a stand-alone system or interface with legacy MRP or ERP systems.
  • AccuLinc APIs enable direct application-to-application communications, and it can be easily and quickly integrated.
  • Our IT Solutions Team works directly with customers to configure each module with the business rules, KPIs and reporting requirements that fit their operation.

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Universal delivers, and we have documented cases and economics to prove it. We also have scores of satisfied customers who will provide you with superb references.

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