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When you partner with Universal, you partner with the industry-leader in controlling inventory to manufacturing — and you gain significant benefits. You acquire access to exceptional people, processes, and systems and you realize Lean practices that are controlled, accurate, and dependable.

Universal has experience that comes from having performed a complete range of services in complex manufacturing environments for a multitude of existing customers across numerous industries including automotive, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing.

Universal has the expertise to help manage your inventory and get the right parts to the right places at the right time — and at the lowest cost. We are experts at designing, building, and operating the highest-volume, highest-velocity material handling facilities and Work Center processes.

Work Center Value-Added Services

Our Work Center Value-Added Services (VAS) deliver the proper parts to the manufacturing line at the right time and in the correct sequence, or combine component parts into finished-goods or sub-assemblies. Our VAS include:


picking/presenting proper parts that have unique characteristics (model, size, color) to the line-side for inclusion in an end item or sub-assembly

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grouping component parts for delivery to the line-side without the need to assemble them; creating a new parent with no assembly required

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combining or building components into component assemblies; creating a new parent that requires assembly

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Returnable Container Management

precisely managing the return process of collecting, inventorying, and returning plastic and metal containers, totes, and racks to suppliers

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Recycling & Reclamation

Recycling and Reclamation – disposing of trash properly; observing “green” practices for recycling and sustainability

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Why Universal

Our services have numerous economic benefits — inventory reductions and process improvements, including:

  • Reduction of standing parts inventory and removal from your plant
  • Reduction of floor space used
  • Implementation of Lean, JIT, and eKanBan management strategies which reduce inventory, accelerate inventory velocity, and minimize your total cost of ownership
  • Optimum flow path engineering and consistency across all inventory management operations
  • Increased control of inventory during work center operations
  • Reduction of inventory redundancy (associated with similar product lines), damage, and inventory obsolescence

Our value-added services can dramatically reduce your costs and improve your facilities’ productivity.

Documented Success

Universal delivers, and we have documented cases and economics to prove it. We also have scores of satisfied customers who will provide you with superb references.

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Let us conduct an assessment of your current operation to determine how Universal can reduce your inventory, improve your business processes, and save you money!

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