Expert Dedicated Contract & Committed Capacity Solutions


With Universal Dedicated Transportation Services, our trucks become your trucks. We offer Dedicated Contract Services and Committed Capacity Solutions – whether you need dedicated services as a standalone option, or in conjunction with our award-winning warehouse and cross-dock operations. Universal has a flexible solution that will meet your transportation and logistics needs.

In addition to our Dedicated Transportation Services, we also offer solutions for:

Private Fleet Conversion – remove the management, cost, and risk from owning your own transportation equipment. Universal can replace or integrate your private fleet with our expert transportation services. In addition, we offer a variety of specialized equipment to meet your unique freight needs.

Lean Route Design & Backhaul Revenue Generation – improve efficiencies in your supply chain with Universal’s engineering routing and optimization programs. We will create the most efficient route design and maximize backhaul capabilities for your specific operations.



Dedicated Switching & Shuttle Operations – reduce overall facility costs and minimize labor expenses by maximizing velocity and optimizing yard space and door usage with Universal’s switching services.



Yard Management – optimize yard activity, maximize safety, and maintain accurate on-site trailer inventory with Universal’s customizable yard management system. We will design a program that best meets your individual yard management needs.


Dedicated truck makes delivery to location(s) and returns to original location
Dedicated truck makes series of pick-ups and returns to original location
Dedicated truck makes series of deliveries and returns to original location