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If you want the best, come to Universal. We are the most experienced and expert Cross-dock operator and we provide exceptional service to numerous industries.

Big Box Retail

For a Big Box Retailer, we operate multiple Cross-docks moving as much as 17,000,000 lbs of general merchandise per week through 200 doors. We distribute to over 40 of the retailer’s DCs, and also serve their 25 discount store DCs.

Automotive Manufacturing

For an Automotive Manufacturer, we operate the largest, highest-volume Cross-dock in the United States, that supplies eight manufacturing plants with parts from 1350 suppliers. With over 176,000 ft2 of dock space and 376 dock doors, it processes 7,000,000 lbs per day — 400 loads inbound and 310 outbound.

Universal’s cross-docking expertise and experience delivers substantial economic benefits to our retail and manufacturing clients, including:

  • Reducing the space requirements in your plant or distribution center and the associated cost for that storage space and handling
  • Reducing the number and size of storage locations required to handle the same amount of throughput
  • Reducing the handling expense and labor costs for receiving and accounting for small shipments from individual suppliers, and the associated extra putaway and movement in the warehouse
  • Reducing the traffic and congestion while increasing safety
  • Reducing the delivery cycle time versus supplier-direct LTL shipments to each destination; eliminates the uncontrolled variability of individual deliveries; provides consistent, damage-free, on-time, and intact deliveries
  • Reducing the excess inventory in the pipeline while increasing inventory accuracy, velocity, visibility, and material handling dependability

Why Universal

Transportation Optimization

We optimize transportation routing and scheduling — both for the inbound material flow and the outbound distribution of parts or goods into destination-specific shipments — which significantly reduces transportation costs.

Award Winning Performance

Our superior performance resulted in our being awarded Cross-dock of the Year from our Big Box retailer — and the management of yet another Cross-dock center!

Our Cross-docking solutions can dramatically reduce your costs and improve your facilities’ productivity!

Documented Success

Universal delivers, and we have documented cases and economics to prove it. We also have scores of satisfied customers who will provide you with superb references.

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