1. Inbound shipments are received, inventoried and directed to their appropriate destination. Racks are moved to the appropriate station, and containers can be placed in flow racks or delivered to specific workstations.
  2. International shipments received in cardboard or other disposable packaging are unpacked, inventoried and repacked as necessary in reusable containers while trash is recycled.
  3. Empty reusable containers and racks are immediately removed from the manufacturing floor and moved by shuttle trucks in mixed loads to the Returns Processing Area, which is often in a separate location.
  4. The containers and racks are sorted by supplier, reconditioned as necessary, staged and shipped back to each individual supplier.


Universal is your material handling expert. We receive, classify, route and distribute material to the inbound side of the manufacturing plant. We deliver the proper parts to the manufacturing line at the right time and in the correct sequence or combine component parts into finished-goods or sub-assemblies as a function of our Work Center Value-Added Services.

We also manage the process for returning reusable containers to the suppliers. Our Returnable Container Management Program provides accurate and precise management of the return process. We collect empty plastic and metal containers, totes and racks from the manufacturing floor. Then we sort and inventory them, recondition them (as necessary) and return them to your suppliers. This ensures that your suppliers’ assets are recovered and available for their future parts delivery to you.

There are no returnable containers for international packaging. Parts packaging is usually in cardboard boxes that become trash and must be disposed of properly. Our Recycling and Reclamation Process observes “green” practices for recycling and sustainability, performing 100% recycling and reuse of cardboard and proper and safe disposal of non-degradable packaging.

The same AccuLinc inventory management system that we employ for parts is employed in managing returnable containers. We not only maintain extremely accurate inventories, but we also optimize the returns flow path to quickly remove empties from the manufacturing floor and ensure no disruption to your manufacturing process.

We can establish the most efficient and effective closed-loop parts delivery and container returns process tailored to your specific requirements.

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