1. Kits are assembled on a kit cart that will be delivered to a specific end item.
  2. Kits may consist of both sequenced parts (specific to an end item) and generic parts (common to all end items).
  3. Completed kit carts are delivered to the line side. Delivery can be within the manufacturing facility or between facilities.
  4. Components from the kits matched to the specific end item being assembled are incorporated into that end item.

Kitting is the process of grouping component parts together for delivery to the line-side without the need to assemble them. It is the packaging of components to create a new parent with no assembly required. Sequencing is important to the kitting process when kits consist of sequenced parts, which are non-common parts with unique characteristics distinguished by the model, size or color of the end item they are to be included in. Kits are assembled onto kit carts that are often specifically-engineered for the kits they will deliver. Customized kitting processes help streamline manufacturing and assembly activities, resulting in cost savings from reduced material handling, space requirements and congestion with ease-of-use at the point of consumption. We carefully engineer line-side storage locations, storage volumes, parts presentation and delivery methods. We design and build handling methods specific to your needs to minimize travel time and increase material flow and safety while reducing traffic and congestion. We develop special application tools, custom delivery vehicles, flow racks and sequencing/kitting carts to make material flow to the assembly process easy.

We optimize the flow path and material delivery routes to make picking simple. Parts are location-coded and stored based on usage and in picking order while locations are designated for shortest delivery to the line. Standard parts that are used in all end items are separated from specific parts (model/size/color), and similar parts for different end items are stored in separate locations. Our AccuLinc system scans every action on every part to and from the Kit Cart and captures all part movement history. Comprehensive, electronic scanning at every station enables the serial tracking of parts, sequencing, kitting, repacking and labeling all in a technology-enabled and error-proof structure. Finally, our AccuLinc system ensures 100% inventory and pick accuracy.

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